Company Profile

  • Endeavour Foods is an independently owned and operated West Australian company.
  • Endeavour Foods specialises in the supply and distribution of Seafood, Poultry, Game and an array of various processed food products.
  • Endeavour Foods has been in operation since October 2001.
  • Endeavour Foods has been built on loyalty and referrals, word of mouth, no advertising.
  • Endeavour Foods specialises in managing and distributing exclusive seafood products such as 'Cook Point' Seafood, 'One Sea' Rottnest Island Scallops and 'Blue Pearl' Oysters.
  • Endeavour Foods is extremely passionate about Sustainable, Australian, Wild Harvest seafood.

Reasons to buy from Endeavour Foods

  • Accountability - A team of 2 to manage all inquiries and orders
  • Integrity - We are professional, honest and dependable
  • Consistency - We are consistent and reliable at all times
  • Continuity of supply - We have inventory controls in place that are second to none
  • HACCP accredited - We maintain a premium level of Food Safety
  • Fleet - Our vehicles are temperature controlled, modern and reliable
  • Warehouse facility - New and efficiently managed by very experienced staff
  • No advertising - We prioritise our efforts in servicing our customers and to providing excellent products.
  • Wholesale only - We do not retail

SGS System Certification