Appellation Oysters

The premium grade of the finest rock oysters from the purest Australian waters.

Appellation Sydney Rock Oysters are purely the best (and freshest) oysters available in Western Australia. 

Our Harvest to Order strategy enables Chefs and premium seafood connoisseurs to access this product more regularly than any other oyster currently on the market.


These oysters are only handled during the grading process, ensuring they are delivered in the best possible condition. This attention to detail has been noticed and we have seen an increase in demand for the live Appellation Oysters we are accessing consistently every week.

Australia’s Oyster Coast is an Australian company with its heart and soul in the oyster industry. They grow high quality oysters in some of the world’s cleanest waters, and these premium rock oysters are making their mark in high-end restaurants around the country. When you receive Appellation Oysters, you also receive full tasting notes - so you can find out about their growing conditions and which estuary they came from.

Oysters have been farmed in these estuaries for over 100 years. These clear waters produce an Oyster that is saltier in flavour, and with the oceanic influence, mineral undertones ripple through the tasting experience.

The Oyster growers at Australia’s Oyster Coast are committed to rigorous environmental management systems. Protecting these estuaries will ensure their industry has a sustainable and healthy future. From many years experience, they also know just the right spots in each estuary to maximise freshwater and seawater flows over the areas, making fat, happy, perfect Oysters!

Here at Endeavour Foods, we are fortunate enough to be the exclusive WA distributor of these premium Rock Oysters. Appellation Sydney Rock Oysters are the most highly graded Oyster of them all.

Click Here for more information about the Appellation Rock Oysters - including harvest days, delivery schedules and pricing.

Image by Thomas Vimare

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