Geraldton Kingfish

Taste the freshness of the Indian Ocean.

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Geraldton Yellowtail Kingfish
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The Geraldton Yellowtail Kingfish is simply the best quality sashimi grade fish currently available in Western Australia. Routinely harvested twice a week and delivered within 24 hours - it doesn't get any better than that! 

These award winning Yellowtail Kingfish are grown in the natural waters of the Indian Ocean - just off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia. 

They have translucent flesh which is firm, full of flavour, and extremely succulent and silky - making it a very versatile fish. 

Geraldton is adjacent to the pristine Abrolhos Islands where the Leeuwin current runs along the coast of Western Australia. This current provides a gentle flush of warmer water over the cooler winter months, delivering a reliable and stable water temperature in the optimum range for the culturing of Yellowtail Kingfish.


Indian Ocean Fresh Australia (IOFA) has forged strong collaborative links with aquaculture experts in Australia and around the world to produce fantastic, fresh sashimi grade fish in a responsible, thoughtful and caring manner.  


The team at IOFA truly want their fish to have a happy existence while they are with them. This means keeping their home clean and spacious with plenty of water to keep them well exercised. 

They closely monitor their daily behaviour, not only with technology, such as cameras, but human eyes too. Their people foster a connection with the fish that enables them to observe and sense even subtle changes in their behaviour. They take great care of their nutritional and health needs to ensure they not only grow well, but live well.


Humane ~ lovingly nurtured and responsibly grown.

Attention ~ they care about their fish.

Premium ~ doing the very best in all their processes.

People ~ they care about their people.

Yellowtail Kingfish are HAPPY  fish.

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