Ocean Grown Abalone

A sustainable, West Australian delicacy

Ocean Grown Abalone produces wild, ocean grown, greenlip abalone in the pristine waters

of Flinders Bay, near Augusta, Western Australia.

The abalone live on artificial reefs located on the seabed off the Western Australian coastline,

where the two oceans, the Southern and Indian Ocean meet; a place where wild abalone thrive.


The lease is situated in a protected marine park, Ngari Capes Marine Park. The reefs house

other marine life, providing a positive ecological benefit to the bay.


Nature (with a little help from our divers) does the rest to provide a premium product.

Abalone are a family of reef-dwelling marine snails. In Western Australia they are the target of a lucrative export commercial fishery and have one of the world’s shortest recreational fishing seasons.


Despite this fishing pressure and examples of stock collapses worldwide, WA has one of the few remaining sustainable wild-stock abalone fisheries.

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Image by Thomas Vimare

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As a business, we do our best to act thoughtfully and contribute effectively to economic and environmental sustainability.

Both of our warehouses are located on the traditional lands of the Whadjuk people. We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region. 


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