Sustainably harvested and native to Western Australia.

Akoya Oysters are a WA delicacy!

Eating an Akoya is like taking a dip in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. Akoya are a beautiful, natural treasure that grow native to WA and are traditionally known for producing spectacular saltwater pearls.

Leeuwin Coast's bespoke aquaculture techniques in combination with Western Australia's unique environment have turned the Akoya into a delicacy in its own right. 

Akoya are widely versatile and perfect cured, cooked or raw. Their meaty texture makes them ideal for coating and frying adding a new dimension to seafood cuisine. The molluscs are available in medium and large sizes and have a taste similar to a cross between scallop and clam.

Akoya are harvested from the cold, wild waters of Western Australia's southern coast, with one farm at Mistaken Island, near Albany and one off Garden Island. Leeuwin Coast honours the ocean using better farming techniques and regenerative aquaculture practices that sustain a thriving ecosystem. They go beyond simply sustaining our marine environment to restoring our oceans to a flourishing state.

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Once harvested, the Akoya are snap-frozen to ensure freshness and sent straight to Endeavour Foods, who are your top supplier for buying Akoyas in Perth, Fremantle and Western Australia.


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