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Hiramasa Kingfish

A sashimi favourite from the cold waters of Spencer Gulf
your Perth supplier of Hiramasa Kingfish

Hiramasa Kingfish SA .jpg

Our Hiramasa Kingfish from Spencer Gulf Kingfish is ocean-farmed sustainably from the pristine waters of the Spencer Gulf, near Port Lincoln in South Australia. 

Many of our customers serve this fish raw and Japanese sushi masters consider Kingfish the best fish in the world for sashimi. It’s firm but distinctively delicate.
It can also be mildly cured or marinated in lime juice, slow-cooked, pan fried, or BBQ.


Clean Seas take pride in their sustainability credentials. They do all they can to deliver their Hiramasa Kingfish in the most environmentally responsible way, farming in big pens, with nothing but clean, cold, ocean water lying between them and Antarctica. They have Friend of the Sea certification and Aquaculture Stewardship Council accreditation which are the gold standard in responsible aquaculture!


Click Here to request more information about Hiramasa Kingfish and our delivery schedules around Perth and Western Australia.

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