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Ōra King Salmon

A unique breed of King Salmon.

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New Zealand King Salmon has been a challenge to access regularly in WA. So here at Endeavour Foods, we decided to airfreight produce weekly to give our customers consistent access to this world class salmon. 

When aspiring to exceptional culinary standards, Õra King salmon is the first and only choice for discerning chefs around the world. The high oil content present in the breed can be seen in the striking marbled fat lines within the bright orange flesh, instantly drawing comparison to Wagyu.

The King Salmon eggs are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupu Springs at the hatchery in Takaka. The waters of this region have been verified as some of the clearest in the world, an ideal beginning to the life cycle for Õra King salmon.

Their classical breeding programme has seen over 20 years of genetics expertise and sustainable husbandry practices - creating eight generations of King salmon. 


The pure and isolated waters of the Marlborough Sounds allows Ora King Salmon to be raised in a natural and wholesome manner, with their sea farm pens being 98% water space to 2% salmon. 

When the Salmon reach an average size of 4kg they are ready to harvest. The team at New Zealand King Salmon are committed to humane harvesting techniques to ensure the process is as quick, effective and as stress-free as possible.

Ora King Salmon



Appearance: King salmon boast bright silver skin. They have a rounder mid-section in comparison to the longer, thinner body of the common Atlantic Salmon species.


Taste: This species has an elegant balance of sweet and umami flavours, complementing a wide variety of ingredients.


Texture: King Salmon’s texture is buttery and soft, due to its unique muscular structure. It cuts well, is light in the mouth and coats the palate appealingly, making it a pleasure to eat.


Colour: King Salmon have a vibrant orange flesh colour, which contrasts attractively with the marbled fat lines for unsurpassed plate appeal.


Oil Content: King Salmon have the highest oil content of all salmon species. The high oil content keeps the salmon moist, greatly reducing the risk of over-cooking.

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