Our Local WA Partners

We love our local produce and champion Australian and West Australian produce whenever we can.

Endeavour Foods have been supporting local producers since the beginning, and we are avid supporters of sustainable, Australian produce - taking an active role in promoting these excellent products.

Let's meet a few of our local suppliers!

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One Sea

One Sea supply Endeavour Foods with beautifully plump Rottnest Scallops and are the only operator licensed to access the iconic Rottnest Island Fishery, 22km off the coast of Fremantle. 

The season for Rottnest Scallops is typically from March to November.

One Sea works with the Department

of Fisheries and their researchers to monitor the available stock and ensure they harvest when the seafood is at optimum quality.

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Shark Bay

Bob Holt and John Craike from Shark Bay Clams are WA's first commercial clam producers and supply Endeavour Foods with Venus Clams. 

Only harvesting for two to three days each week, the live Venus Clams from the pristine waters of Shark Bay are simply magnificent, sweet and succulent.

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Cone Bay Barramundi

Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi has grown to become the largest Australian Barramundi producer, growing and supplying fresh Australian ocean Barramundi to Endeavour Foods from its Cone Bay farm in spectacular northern Western Australia.




Jim Mendolia, who started Fremantle Sardines and later Mendolia Seafoods, is the man responsible for bringing the sardine to the Australian palate.  

Mendolia Seafoods supply Endeavour Foods with their fresh, filleted, crumbed and marinated sardines.


Ocean Wild

Ocean Wild provide Endeavour Foods with our line-caught swordfish and tuna. They fish from the waters between Perth and Kalbarri on their boats, the Ocean Wild II and Tasei Maru, which you can often find in Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour when they're not out fishing.





Fremantle Octopus vessels bring fresh octopus from the Indian Ocean, straight to their custom-built facility where it is hand-graded and packaged for Endeavour Foods.

With over 20 years of industry experience, they consistently deliver the world's best octopus through every season.

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E&L Fisheries

Eugene and his crew from E & L Fisheries supply Endeavour Foods with wild, line-caught fish from the southern waters off Esperance.

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MG Kailis

MG Kailis is a WA-owned business operating all the available licenses in the Exmouth Gulf and supply Endeavour Foods with Brown Tiger Prawns, Western King Prawns and the aptly named Endeavour Prawns.


Leeuwin Coast

Endeavour Foods source some amazing WA produce from Leeuwin Coast - Australia's first certified carbon neutral aquaculture producer.

They harvest WA's own local delicacies, Akoyas and Rock Oysters, from the cool waters around Mistaken Island, near Albany. along with succulent mussels from Garden Island and Emu Point.


Running Wild
Fishing Co

Owned and operated by Sea Harvest, Running Wild Fishing Co 

supply Endeavour Foods with Shark Bay Tiger & King Prawns, along with

Shark Bay Scallops & Crab Meat.

The waters around Shark Bay have twice the salinity of normal ocean water, resulting in a unique sweet-salty flavour profile in their seafood.




Damien Bell and his family have been running Bellbuoy Seafoods for 15 years and supplies Endeavour Foods with fresh sea mullet and Mandurah crabs.


Indian Ocean

Fresh Australia

Indian Ocean Fresh Australia  has forged strong collaborative links with aquaculture experts in Australia and around the world to produce fantastic, fresh sashimi grade fish in a responsible, thoughtful and caring manner.


IOFA supply Endeavour Foods with Yellowtail Kingfish caught in the waters off Geraldton.

Ocean Grown

Ocean Grown Abalone supplies wild, ocean grown, premium greenlip abalone to Endeavour Foods.

They are grown in a sustainable, enhanced fishery, in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay, near Augusta, Western Australia.