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Rottnest Island Scallops

Plump and sweet combined with the taste of the ocean

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Rottnest Scallops (amusium balloti) are a sought-after shellfish that will complement any menu from casual to fine dining.

Sweet and plump, they are generally larger than other Australian scallops and live in a beautifully patterned shell that looks great on the plate.

Endeavour Foods are your leading Rottnest Scallops supplier. We meet the boat at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour in the early hours of the morning and deliver that same day, often within hours of landing!


About Our Supplier

Established in August 2010, One Sea is the ultimate boutique fishery. With just one vessel and one licence it fishes the waters just north of Rottnest Island.


In 2013, the fishery was named Producer of the Year at the annual Delicious Produce Awards, a forum for the nation's best producers, growers and harvesters - judged by a panel of eminent chef's and food suppliers. In response to the Rottnest Scallops, renowned chef and judge, Guillaume Brahimi from Bistro Guillaume at Crown Perth, announced, "the quality of these Western Australian scallops is world class."

One Sea now owns all the entitlements to fish in the Rottnest Island Fishery, allowing them to be the only supplier of Rottnest Island premium seafood - ensuring the same consistency throughout the season.



Rottnest Island Scallops will only be harvested when their condition is at their peak for supplying fresh to the market. This season is traditionally from September to November.

The sustainability of the fishery is their paramount concern, which is why every year they work in partnership with scientists from the Department of Fisheries to survey the stock (several times), making sure it is at optimum quality before opening the season, and then continue monitoring during the season. 

The Fishery have invested in many areas to ensure they are being environmentally friendly. They made a significant investment in the most technically advanced, low resistance nets that reduce drag and cut the rate of non-target species capture by an estimated 50%. This drag reduction also reduces their fuel consumption, helping to cut their carbon footprint. One state-of-the art net costs $6,000 as opposed to $1,600 per traditional net. They have also fitted their nets with fish escape panels that allow non-target species to swim out.

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We started this super fresh concept with a vision to brand the Rottnest Scallop harvest by region and season, treat it like treasure and deliver it fresh, on the same day it’s landed. You simply can’t buy fresher, more local and sustainable seafood in the Perth area.

Retail Stockists

Retail Stockists

Non-account holders and members of the public can purchase Rottnest Island Scallops from the following seafood retailers, when in season. It is advised to call prior to ensure they are in stock.
Our Instagram page will post if the Rottnest Island Scallops are currently in season.

Seafresh Myaree / Innaloo / Claremont

Boatshed Market, Cottesloe

Curulli's Seafood Market, Southern River

The Herdsman Market, Churchlands

Atlantic Seafood Market, Perth

Karrinyup Seafood

Beechboro Fresh Seafood

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Click Here to request more information about our Rottnest Island Scallops - including harvest days, delivery schedules and pricing.

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