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Seafood Retail

Pre-Packaged Retail Seafood Solutions


After years of supplying many restaurants and venues, we’ve created a retail brand, Little Fish Market, showcasing premium, local seafood. 


Our range includes fish fillets, oysters, prawns and squid - all sourced directly from our fishermen.

Choose from unbranded packs (for your own labels), or our premium Little Fish Market branded packs, all bar coded for your convenience.

LFM Barra Fillets No Label Skin Side-Web

Unbranded Retail Packs

LFM Barra Fillets Label Skin
Little Fish Market

Branded & Barcoded Retail Packs

About Little Fish Market

All Little Fish Market produce is packed to order, ensuring optimum freshness and quality. Now available to independent retailers and local supermarkets around Western Australia.

✓ Convenient

✓ Sustainable

✓ Premium Quality

✓ All Packed to Order

✓ Australia & New Zealand Produce Only

If you're interested in stocking Little Fish Market products, check out the Little Fish Market website for more information. 

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