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Do you have a seafood retail shop?

Looking for access to premium seafood direct from the fisheries?

Here at Endeavour Foods, we act as a crucial link between you and the fishery to ensure you only receive the freshest and best quality produce.

One of the best fresh fish suppliers in Perth

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What We Offer


As a leading seafood wholesale supplier in Perth, we supply some of the most premium and sought-after seafood products, including; Akoya, Rottnest Island Scallops, New Zealand Õra King Salmon,

Kinkawooka Mussels and Yarra Valley Caviar.




We have access to some of the most premium local fish from around Australia. We fillet to order on a daily basis at our fresh seafood processing facility - ensuring we supply you with only the freshest quality of fish.

Endeavour Foods supply an extensive range of fish, many caught in the local waters of Western Australia.

✓ Blue Spot Emperor  ✓ Red Emperor  ✓ Goldband Snapper  ✓ Pink Snapper  ✓ Dhufish  ✓ Rankin Cod  

  ✓ Hiramasa Kingfish  ✓ Cone Bay Barramundi  ✓ Swordfish  ✓ Sashimi-grade Tuna

✓ Ocean Trout  ✓ Tasmanian Salmon  ✓ Amberjack  ✓ South West Whitebait

Many more species are available, give us a call to see what fresh fish has been caught,

that we can supply to you the very next day if you're in the Perth metro area.



We offer a large range of premium (fresh and frozen) seafood products. Including, but not limited to:​

✓ Fish  ✓ Prawns  ✓ Bugs  ✓ Crab  ✓ Scampi  ✓ Lobster  ✓ Oysters  ✓ Squid

✓ Mussels  ✓ Clams  ✓ Octopus  ✓ Abalone  ✓ Akoya

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