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Yarra Valley Caviar

The benchmark in quality caviar products.


Yarra Valley Caviar is an export approved, boutique fresh water aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria.


It is the only dedicated Australian producer of fresh water Atlantic Salmon and a staunch believer in the humane treatment of its fish, taking a completely natural approach to its rearing and roe extraction. In addition to salmon, Yarra Valley Caviar now also produces and harvests Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout roe for their range.


Yarra Valley Caviar sets the benchmark in quality caviar products. The fish are milked for roe entirely by hand, once a year, under a completely natural anaesthetic of clove oil, and are then gently placed back in their ponds to spawn again the following year.


Following strict UK soil association guidelines for organic aquaculture, the farm has banned the use of any antibiotics or chemicals, and its roe is cleaned and packaged on site, without the use of any additives.


The result is a superb quality roe which is salted with premium sea salt flakes to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar - bursting with flavour.




Atlantic Salmon: Yarra Valley Caviar’s highly sought after Atlantic Salmon caviar is well renowned across the restaurant trade nationally, for its signature burst of flavour and rich and robust characteristics, used to complement many gourmet dishes.


Rainbow Trout: Yarra Valley Caviar’s Rainbow Trout caviar is a smaller sized pearl, with its own unique and subtle earthy flavour. Characterised by its strong red orange colour, the caviar appeals to many chefs as an alternative to the larger salmon pearls to create an elegant appetizer or topping to a range of varied dishes.


Sturgeon: Yarra Valley Caviar are the exclusive importers of the premium and delicious Polanco sturgeon caviar. With its rich flavour and buttery undertones, this South American caviar expresses fine and long-lasting flavours on the palate.

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